Captain Marvel (2019) – Movie Review

The first female Marvel superhero movie, Captain Marvel (2019) is a movie that does not live up to the expectations of many people. This movie is action filled, is humorous at points but lacks connections at several places. Keeping in mind the previous movies in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, I was not very much impressed with this movie. My Rating – 3/5 Is it worth … Continue reading Captain Marvel (2019) – Movie Review

Aquaman (2018) – Movie Review

Movie Rating

It is a good movie. Wait, I got chills at many scenes and the 3D effect was a cherry on the top. Okay, the movie was great.

It is one of those kind of action movie which is packed with spectacular VFX, humour, exotic locations (which were computerised in this case), a hot protagonist and a crazy villain.

If you were hurt by Justice League (2017), then go watch this movie. DC, James Wan and Jason Momoa really did a good job.

My recommendation? 4/5

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The 9 Millimeter Prayer (Part 6)

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Abhimanyu was sitting at the driver’s seat of his prized possession, the white Chevrolet Cruze. Swarna was wearing a sleeveless black knitted mini bodycon cutout dress that was gifted by her father on her 17th birthday. Seated beside him was Aishwarya wearing a blue half & half saree with a printed skirt, plain pallu with a woven border and a silk blouse. He looked at the beautiful ladies who made his life beautiful and smiled at how lucky he was. He looked at his watch, it was 4:00. “Damn! I missed the lunch seat because of that American.”, he muttered.

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The 9 Millimeter Prayer (Part 5)

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Luke observed the house while settling down. He felt homesick as the home was designed in an American suburb style. “You have a beautiful place, Mr Roy.”, he said while settling down on the sofa. Abhimanyu smiled at him. His lustful eyes were keeping an eye on the teenage beauty through all her actions. Swarna followed her mother into the kitchen and emerged back a couple of minutes later. She went up the stairs with her suitcase with Luke’s eye following her moving body and flowing black hair. That’s when his eyes caught Swarna’s childhood pictures hanging all over the wall. Pointing towards them, he asked, “Do you mind if I see them?” The American’s interest in his daughter’s childhood photographs made Abhimanyu a little uneasy. Perhaps he didn’t like the idea of sharing those joyous and precious moments with a complete stranger. But, denying him would be rude and a violation of the hospitality that his wife offered Luke. He waved his hand, “Not at all. Please. I’ll tell you the events too when they were clicked.” This was the first time Luke was setting eyes for a high-status prey and getting to know her personally and all about her sent a rush of adrenaline through his veins.

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