The 9 Millimeter Prayer (Part 6)

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Abhimanyu was sitting at the driver’s seat of his prized possession, the white Chevrolet Cruze. Swarna was wearing a sleeveless black knitted mini bodycon cutout dress that was gifted by her father on her 17th birthday. Seated beside him was Aishwarya wearing a blue half & half saree with a printed skirt, plain pallu with a woven border and a silk blouse. He looked at the beautiful ladies who made his life beautiful and smiled at how lucky he was. He looked at his watch, it was 4:00. “Damn! I missed the lunch seat because of that American.”, he muttered.

“It was the least we could do, Abhi. He was such kind man as to not accept any money in exchange for the damage that your dearest daughter caused to him. The least we could do was offer him a coffee at our place. They are called manners if you have heard the term.” Swarna laughed. He laughed. He turned on the ignition and revved the engine.

“You are moving towards retirement, dad. And yet you act like a young boy who got his first car.”

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Wretched and Divine

Into the end, darkness erode the light
Hide your souls fading into the night
This is an era of new gods
We are wretched and divine

The rebels rise, bodies laid to rest
What is sin and holy?
Have the skies fell?
Who would’ve thought
Among the flood of blood, there’ll be rise of an army
For the throne’s fall
It’ll be a rebellion gory

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The 9 Millimeter Prayer (Part 5)

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Luke observed the house while settling down. He felt homesick as the home was designed in an American suburb style. “You have a beautiful place, Mr Roy.”, he said while settling down on the sofa. Abhimanyu smiled at him. His lustful eyes were keeping an eye on the teenage beauty through all her actions. Swarna followed her mother into the kitchen and emerged back a couple of minutes later. She went up the stairs with her suitcase with Luke’s eye following her moving body and flowing black hair. That’s when his eyes caught Swarna’s childhood pictures hanging all over the wall. Pointing towards them, he asked, “Do you mind if I see them?” The American’s interest in his daughter’s childhood photographs made Abhimanyu a little uneasy. Perhaps he didn’t like the idea of sharing those joyous and precious moments with a complete stranger. But, denying him would be rude and a violation of the hospitality that his wife offered Luke. He waved his hand, “Not at all. Please. I’ll tell you the events too when they were clicked.” This was the first time Luke was setting eyes for a high-status prey and getting to know her personally and all about her sent a rush of adrenaline through his veins.

They had reached Swarna’s high school graduation when Aishwarya emerged from the kitchen with a large tray in her hand. “Here is your promised coffee, Mr Clearfield. Let us have it before my wife’s efforts get cold.”, he chuckled gesturing towards the dining table. Luke smiled, “Of course not. How could I let her efforts go to waste?” and pulled a chair. Swarna came down after taking a quick shower. Wearing a loose blossom pink loose top and skirt, her wet hair made Luke desire her even more. She pulled a chair beside her mother and settled. The snacks were quick and brief.

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Noida Boy Refuses to Upload A Father’s Day Post on Social Media, Crime Branch Arrests Him For Violation of Social Media Trend

Bureau Report | Noida: June 17 is being celebrated as Father’s Day around the globe, especially in Asian-pacific countries following the trends of the western countries. Amidst all the festivities that have occupied the walls of Facebook and Instagram and WhatsApp stories, there came reports of a boy in Noida who refused to upload any post or photo with his father on this auspicious occasion which clearly violated the emerging trend of the social media.

The crime branch of the Noida Police told The Fictional Beginner that the boy named Prakhar Bansal was apprehended from his home at 10 AM on June 17 after his father reported his refusal of uploading any post on social media. “All my friends were being tagged on Facebook posts by their sons and daughters. And there was my son, engrossed in his mobile playing PUBG. When I asked him why didn’t he upload any photo with me on Facebook, he said he wasn’t interested in shitty trends. How could I let it happen? How would I have faced my friends and family afterwards?”, the father of accused told our reporters. “After receiving the complaint from the father, our officers sprang into action and tracked down every detail to the final confirmation. Once everything was confirmed and we were convinced of the accused’s crime, we apprehended him.”, says Chief Commissioner of Noida Police.

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Secrets of Dark

In this poem I have tried to visualise the thoughts of a rapist. Critical analysis of the poem will be greatly appreciated.

In no way do I support any person who rapes. The poem is just an attempt to understand what they must be thinking which propelled them for this henious crime and living with a guilty conscience.


Oh my diary dear
I’ve got you another confession
Under this fake tear
You know of my obsession

A girl caught my attention
Fascinated by these bright lights
But that dress was pretension
What was she thinking exposing her thighs?

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An Unholy Priest

The hour of reckoning is upon us
Darkness engulfs the skies
In Gods we place our mistrust
From this light, a darkness will rise

Count your sins infinite
“Burn down those holy shrines!”
Them Gods in their heavenly abode
Watching behind their broken lines

“O master, dark lord!”, they cry
“Come forward and take us
We don’t want to see the light
Lead us to abyss through the gastes of rust”

The skies shuddered, and
Men fell to their knees
The dark cloak embraced by
The first unholy priest

He crackled at the mass
Raising all their blood filled glass
The temples of Gods toppled fast
Dark shadows upon them casts

The Gods were baffled
Men began to feast
The world burned and faded away
Crumbling beneath their feet

The devil sneered at their revolt
Angels cried as heavy rain poured
Donned his best attire
Among mortals the Satan appeared

As he looked up to the Gods petrified
Spred his wings shining bright
The men gasped, animals trembled
At the head of table, he took a seat

As the priest kissed his ring
Went down to bend
The devil revealed a gift
And the Archangel descend

“Rise, my servant”, Lucifer said
Pointed the dagger to his chest
The Archangel held the dark soul
As the blade pierced his body whole
The clouds tore, the body fell on devil’s feet


From Riches to Rags

Education has always been a pride for the Indian system since the old ages. Even before the Chinese and Persians stole various industrial techniques from us, before various rulers from all over the world came to India, looted and made fortunes for their family and country, even before those damned Mughals attacked India and definitely much before the Britishers tore apart the entire Indian system and replaced it with theirs. Indians always seemed to excel in studies, whatever may be the course. Education is in the blood of any Indian.

But I always wonder, is this a gift or curse for us Indians to be so good in studies? See, it has its own pros and cons. But I am not going to discuss that. No, I am writing this article as a result of my own enlightenment.

We Indians are very simple, person X guides person Y on how to do a task but person Y ends up doing their own way and after the result wishes they had listened to person X and now they are crying over their luck. Yes, every single person that you encounter is exactly like this – man and woman alike.

One of the education curses or boons, depending upon your own experience, is Engineering for every science student in this country. Indian parents are also the simplest of beings that god could create; the moment you qualify your class 10 there are three basic choices in front of them, not you. If your marks are somewhat average, then your sorry arse is thrown into the commerce class. For students with good or extraordinary marks, there are two choices for the parents. If you have a doctor in your family who is earning a big amount and is respected by even those relatives you never knew existed on the planet, then you are going to become the next one. The other course of action is, of course, engineering.

In this article, I am not going to answer any philosophical questions or impart the knowledge of the Vedas upon you, no. I dare not go against the decision of your parents.

I am going to guide you through the most basic step of all. Ladies and gentlemen, drum roll, “How To Select Engineering College After 12th”.

“When you play the game of thrones, you win or die. There is no middle ground.”

This is my favourite dialogue from a popular TV series ‘Game of Thrones’. And once you grow a deeper conscience and grow more mature, you will realise that this is true for every single situation of life. There are always two choices, win or loose. So, how do you make sure that you set upon the course to allow you an edge of win after you are done with your exams?

In my personal opinion, engineering is a waste of time. If you want to live your life as you want to, turn back and never ever think of this dreaded thing again. But, if you still want to kill your happiness with your own hands, be my guest.

🚧 The guide points mentioned in the article are not approved by any college or university of international standard. It is all my own personal experience that I am sharing with you so that you can spare yourself the pain of ending up in the wrong place among the wrong people. I will not be responsible for anybody who follows these steps and not achieving desired results, separation from parents or civil war. 🚧

Let us begin without further ado.

1. Understand Engineering

Before you go on opting it for a career path, understand it thoroughly. I made a mistake of not researching enough and ended up in a stream of my father’s choice. Not that I am not happy to be a mechanical engineer, but same might not be the case for you. If you are sure you want to be an engineer, search which one you want to be. Indian and foreign universities are now offering tons of disciplines to choose from that even I don’t know most of them.

My advice? Consult your teachers, talk to career counselor and take up a career test. Now, you might find many websites offering free career tests, I would recommend approaching a professional company and paying a couple thousand bucks for a professional guidance.

2. Understand The Future

Once you are sure of which discipline you want to follow in engineering, research about its future. Turn every resource upside down to find what will you do after being awarded your degree. On the basis of your marks, make a list of tentative colleges you will be eligible for on the basis of previous year’s cutoff and research the college. Visit the college website, and see the placement record, the companies that visited the campus in the previous year and average package that was offered to the students. Check the state ranking of the college/University.

3. Entrance Test Is Must

Never, I repeat, never accept admission in a college offering direct entry without any entrance test. There are two major disadvantages of this; there is an unwanted crowd of students who were just able to pass their senior secondary and didn’t want to bother much to prepare for an entrance test to a reputed college, and the management of the college really don’t give a fuck about the students and are simply interested in filling their pockets and lecture rooms.

4. Don’t Miss Out On A Government College

Despite the fact that the prestigious Indian Institute of Technology is not counted even in the Top 50 of the world, one cannot deny the fact in India that government college is a savior in darkness and a matter of pride for the Indian parents to show off that their offspring has made it to a government college. The advantage of a government college apart from showoff is that the curriculum is designed to nurture a child’s brain into an extraordinary thing. There is no doubt that these institutes work and produce professionals who are later on converted into the leaders of tomorrow.

I made a mistake of letting a golden opportunity slip right through my fingers when I was offered B.Tech. in Textile Engineering at MLVTEC, Bhilwara. Yeah, go ahead and Google it. I know I was stupid.

These were some mistakes that I made while choosing my engineering college. I got a lot of memories and learnt a lot of things that will remain with me forever. Not that I am complaining, but I would have been at another level had I kept in mind these things. Please read them again and again and if you want any assistance, I am more than happy to get in touch with you on my email . And before you ask, no, I am not a career counselor. I am just an engineer who doesn’t want any future engineers to regret something that they could have avoided. All the best for your exams and God bless you!

It is my kind request to the readers of this article to share it with your near and dear ones and ask them to share it further. Who knows that it might reach a child who benefits from this article in ways we cannot anticipate.