Business Tips

5 Mistakes You Are Making In Your Business Emails Unknowingly

Writing business emails is one of the most crucial parts of any job in the world. And if you make mistakes in this section, chances are that you just lost a business opportunity and incurred a loss to the organisation. Most of the business conversations are through emails that make it necessary to not make… Continue reading 5 Mistakes You Are Making In Your Business Emails Unknowingly


Gods Under My Skin

I am alone under the skySinging lucid lullaby in my mindCounting my sins, one to nineHoping you will find me in time The masks dance around a fireI can, in the blaze, see my liesThe sky cracks open or is it meIts monsters they are setting free My skin is glowing or am I hallucinatingI'm… Continue reading Gods Under My Skin

Movie Reviews

Captain Marvel (2019) – Movie Review

The first female Marvel superhero movie, Captain Marvel (2019) is a movie that does not live up to the expectations of many people. This movie is action filled, is humorous at points but lacks connections at several places. Keeping in mind the previous movies in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, I was not very much impressed… Continue reading Captain Marvel (2019) – Movie Review